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Schools at Fort Victoria Country Park

Fort Victoria can offer a whole day out for your school or group with a range of activities to choose from.

Earth and Beyond

Island Planetarium

For more than 20 years the Island Planetarium has been offering tailor-made shows to schools and clubs. Theses presentations use a range of media including the Planetarium Star Theatre; bringing the universe to life for the pupils, whatever their age.

The Planetarium is a multimedia star-theatre which can accommodate 33 people. There is an exhibition area with models and exhibits, some of which are used to cover the show material. Our shop carries a wide range of astronomy souvenirs, books, posters, videos and other teaching aids.

One Hour Session

£2.50 per child

  • Solar System.
  • Earth in Space (Day/Night, Seasons and how our Earth moves in Space).
  • Constellations (Northern Stars, Myths and finding your way around the night sky).

One & Half Hour Session

£3.50 per child

  • Same topics as One Hour Session but more time to expand on the subject.
  • Phases of the Moon and Eclipses.

Contact Details

Island Planetarium

Paul & Andrew

01983 761555

PO41 0RR

Hands on history

Island's Archaeology Discovery Centre

Challenge your class with hands-on history sessions and bring the past to life at the Island's Archaeology Discovery Centre at Fort Victoria. Designed in line with the new curriculum and lead by experienced teachers and archaeologists, our sessions provide interactive, exciting activities which develop historical enquiry skills, expand understanding of a range of evidence and reinforce chronological thinking. Choose from a range of 2 hour or full day active learning experiences in Stone Age, Tudor, Victorian or WWII and benefit from our extensive collection of artefacts and the opportunities for fun outdoor learning in the country park to enhance their period knowledge and skills.

See below for our return travel offer for Island Schools from £2pp

Full day sessions run 10-12.45, 1.30-3.45

Session Details : Download PDF

Timetaxi CIC work in partnership with our local community minibus scheme to include return travel to/from Island schools for parties between 10 and 28 children. Transport costs are zoned according to distance :

  • Zone 1 (West Wight) at £2 per pupil
  • Zone 2 (Newport/Cowes) £3 per pupil
  • Zone 3 (East of Newport) £4 per pupil

FYTbus is a community minibus service operating in the west of the Island. All minibuses are maintained and insured to PSV standards (same as Southern Vectis) and our drivers, all volunteers, are trained to the national Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) standard.

For further information and fees, contact Katie at Timetaxi on email -

Contact Details

Archaeology Discovery Centre


01983 761214

PO41 0RR

around the Country Park

Ranger Tours

The park’s rangers take groups around the Country Park to learn all about the woodland and beach habitats. This can involve a beach themed handling session, a woodland exploration and/or a beach hunt looking for all types of seashore life, shells and fossils. Sessions last from 1 - 2 hours and are based upon Key Stage 1 and 2 in Science, with links to English and PSHE skills.

2 hour Session – Beach and woodlands

Starting with a 30 minute handling session where pupils get to see, smell, touch and learn about seashore life and the rocks and fossils found along this section of coast. Pupils then enjoy a walk around the park’s 22 hectares of woodland, learning about the woodland habitat and wildlife, which include red squirrels, dormice and bats. Pupils also learn about how the Island’s woodlands are different to those on the mainland. We then take a footpath down to the beach where pupils enjoy a shoreline rummage, looking for some of the things they saw earlier and being encouraged to search out seashore and rock pool life.

1 hour Session – Either beach or woodlands

Beach - a 30 minute handling session as above, followed by a walk along and opportunity to explore the beach.

Woodlands - a wander around our woods looking at the woodland habitats and learning about the plants and animals that make use of them. We also discuss how separation from the mainland has benefitted some of our wildlife.

To find out more please contact the Park Ranger by telephoning 01983 760860 (May - Oct only) or the Isle of Wight Council on 01983 821000 ext 8754 or e-mail

Contact Details


3.00 - 3.90 per child

Bob Edney

01983 821000 ext 8754

PO41 0RR

reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates


Reptilarium offer guided tours around their 30+ exhibits of live reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates aimed at either KS 1 or 2. For more information see:

Contact Details




01983 761582

PO41 0RR