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About Fort Victoria Country Park

Fort Victoria Country Park occupies 20 hectares of woodland and landslip on the North West shore of the Isle of Wight. There are peaceful woodland walks alongside stunning sea views across the Solent. The Park is used by schools interested in seashore and woodland study, fossil hunters and those who just want to walk or sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

The woodland is a combination of planted trees such as Corsican Pines and a variety of native deciduous trees the area having developed in a semi natural fashion, management now aims to maximise the variety of habitats by cutting or coppicing some areas and letting others develop to maturity. The variety of habitats is greatly increased by the eroding coastline resulting in slippage over much of the park.

The quiet visitor may be lucky enough to see a beautiful (but shy) Red Squirrel, the Isle of Wight is one of the last places in Britain where these can still be found. The Solent has so far proved a effective barrier to its invading competitor the Grey Squirrel.

The shore is mostly sand with some rock and boulder areas. The rapidly eroding shoreline is intesting to the fossil hunter; mollusc shells are evident to all, the keen eyed will also find pieces of turtle shell and crocodile scutes whose owners lived when the Isle of Wight was a rather warmer place!

School groups are recommended to book the services of a Countryside Ranger as a guide. An increasing number of schools now combine a Ranger Tour of the Park with visits to the Forts other educational attractions, making Fort Victoria a favourite visit for many parties.

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